About Family Services


    43.7 Million Americans
    Experienced Mental Illness
     Last Year!  And Many Will Not Receive The Help They Need.  

     If YOU or someone you know needs confidential and compassionate    counseling services? We can help.

    Call us at (937) 222-9481.

    Partners in Strengthening
    Families and Communities  
    Family Services has been in the forefront of designing programs that meet the needs of individuals and families since 1896. 

    At Family Services we believe providing professional services that recognize and respect the dignity and right to self-determination of every person we serve. We are also committed to ensuring our confidential services are delivered in a supportive and efficient manner; exceeding the expectations of our clients, donors, funders and community.   

    Family Services' history of partnerships and cooperative relationships with virtually every other human service organization in the area adds value to all of the programs and services we provide.  To learn more about the creation and rich history of Family Services, please follow the link at left "About Family Services".
    As a non-profit agency, we welcome donations of money, in-kind services and materials. These life-giving commodities make the difference in how we provide services throughout the Miami Valley.
    Please review our programs and
    visit our website regularly
    for news, updates and
    special events.
       Family Services complies with all
    State and Federal Civil Rights Laws and
    non-discrimination obligations.