Classes & Group Services

Parenting Education Program
Starting March 15, parenting education classes will be provided as individual sessions scheduled with trained staff. Hours are variable, with daytime and evening hours.  

A total of six (6) sessions are necessary to complete the parenting education program. A certificate will be provided upon 
completion of all program requirements
Cost per individual session is $15.
Contact our office at (937) 222-9481 to schedule an appointment.  
 (Insurance is not accepted for this program)

Sign Language Classes
Community Services for the Deaf offers American Sign Language I & II. Students learn basic communication sign language in addition to learning about Deaf culture and the history of sign language.
Anger Management:                   Anger Management Brochure 
The Anger Management program helps you to identify, manage and control angry behaviors. Learn what anger is, what causes it, problems that it causes, about uncontrollable anger and how anger can actually be helpful.  If anger is taking control over you or someone you know, you are not alone, and we are here to help.  Follow this link for class schedules

 August Project - batterer's intervention     
                                                Program Brochure
The August Project is a 21 week education and intervention program for perpetrators of domestic violence. The small group psycho-educational program focuses on teaching participants how to make peaceful, responsible choices when handling conflict and crisis in their relationships.