Victims of Crime Can Get Help!

Victims of a crime may experience physical, emotional and economical hardships long after the date of a crime.  There are resources and support programs available at Family Services to help.
If you, or someone you know, is a victim of any crime, including Federal crimes, you are entitled to a variety of specific rights before, during and after legal proceedings, for both adult and juvenile court.  We can help you heal and explore yours options for compensation and recovery. Examples of crimes that victims might experience include: 
  • Rape;
  • Kidnapping;
  • Simple and Aggravated Assault;
  • Domestic and Family Violence;
  • Intimidation of A Crime Victim or Witness;
  • Stalking;
  • Terrorist Threats;
  • Homicide (survivor);
  • Child Abuse;
  • Adult Survivor of Physical or Sexual Violence;
  • Child Survivor of Physical or Sexual Violence or Neglect; and
  • Other individual experiences with crime that create trauma. 
Please contact one of our caring staff if you, or someone you know
is a victim of crime and could use our help. 

Other Services Available for Crime Victims: 

If you are a victim of crime you may be eligible for Crime Victim Compensation through the Ohio Attorney General's Office. Below is a link that describes the program and provides a copy of the application. Family Services VOCA counselors are also able to 
discuss these services with you.  
Please contact our office to schedule an appointment
at 937-222-9481.



What is VINE?

VINE is a program for victims of crime and other concerned citizens that provides access to timely and reliable information about offenders. It is a free program for those that register with the program.

VINE enables victims call a toll-free number, visit the website or use the VINELink™ mobile app to anonymously check an offender’s status.

Victims can also register to receive automated notifications about changes in offender status by phone, email, or text. TTY service is also available.

Find our more at the VINE Ohio Web Page 

Victim Compensation and VineLink are not programs of Family Services, and Family Services is not responsible for the information and services provided through these links. 

*Important Notice: If you are Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing or
have limited English, please contact our office for
assistance in accessing victim services and filing
Victim Compensation paperwork.
Phone: 937-222-9481
Video Phone: 937-641-8186