Teen Parenting - "All About Baby & Me"

If you are a teen mom or dad, it can be tough to take care of your baby, go to school, and handle relationships with family and friends; let alone look to the future and figure out what will happen next.

Our experienced social worker makes in-home visits with the pregnant or parenting teen(s) and helps put together a plan of action. Services might include: counseling; help in getting access to needed services; education about parenting; support groups with other teen parents, and a listening ear when the teen parent(s) needs to talk.   

A First Step to Home Based Counseling
Sometimes taking the first step toward asking for help can be the most difficult. When you are 18 years old, have seen your mother murdered by her boyfriend and been passed from one foster family to another, where does one begin to start a new life?
Such was the case for one young lady. She is now pregnant, and it is even more imperative for her to straighten up her life. The very first step required for her to move on in life was to finish grieving for her mother, and she needed help with her feelings of trust.

After several visits by the home-based counselor, the young mother brought out a photo album to share with the counselor. With that came a flood of stories about her life prior to her mother’s unfortunate death. Although the sharing of photos was difficult for her - no one else had ever seen this photo album - it was extremely therapeutic.  It showed the counselor that the young woman was beginning to trust. 
Sharing and expressing feelings about her mother enabled the young woman to finally begin the grieving process; taking her most important step to recovery and a new life for herself and her baby.