Counseling Services

Nearly half of all Americans will experience the symptoms of a mental illness at some point in life. If it happens to you or your family, you are not alone. Each year, Family Services’ professional and courteous counseling staff provide hundreds of individuals, couples and families with confidential counseling within a safe environment, to address a wide range of concerns.

Counseling is available for individuals or families affected by physical, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse and neglect; eating disorders; trauma; drug use and other addictions; anxiety disorders; divorce and life transitions; anger; stress management; communication problems, and phase of life issues. Specialized counseling services are also available for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, isolated seniors and crime victims.  

Our counseling services promote health and wellbeing among participants, and encourage utilization of responsible behaviors, non-violence and feelings management.  Family Services utilizes the Ecological Theory framework as our best practice counseling model.  This model helps individuals understand that no one is an island, but is part of a much broader system, where the individual affects their environment and the environment affects the individual. 
Services are available for families, individuals, couples and groups by appointment, weekdays and evenings, Monday through Friday. With some weekend and same day appointments available.  First appointments with counseling staff generally take 90 minutes to complete, with staff working with you to identify individual needs and answer questions you might have about the counseling process.  

Specialized Counseling Programs and Services:
Insight Counseling/Womanline: Counseling services are available for anyone who has experienced sex abuse or is struggling with eating disorders. To learn more about how to access these specialized services, please contact our office.  
All About Baby & Me: If you are a teen mom or dad, it can be tough to take care of your baby, go to school, and handle relationships with family and friends all while looking trying to figure out what will happen next. We can help.  Follow this link for more information,
Friends ConnectionHome-based counseling is an essential component of this program offering specialized in-home services for the frail and elderly, and their families.  Mental health assessments, counseling, caregiver assistance and advocacy services are available for vulnerable seniors to address their emotional health, safety and well-being. Please call our office for more information.
Victims of Crime or VOCA: victims of crime can experience physical, emotional and economic hardships long after the date their experience with the criminal act is over.  Many adult victims seeking services were young children or teens when they were abused, injured or suffered emotional trauma. If you or someone you know is a victim of crime, we can help. All of our VOCA counseling and advocacy services are available at no cost to victim of crime!                               Follow this link for more information 
Families Safe Together: Teen Intervention Program
Domestic Violence is a pattern of unhealthy physical, emotional or verbal behaviors used by a person to gain power and control over a spouse, partner or other family member. Family Services has created a uniquely different program called Families Safe Together: Teen Intervention that combines education, psycho-educational group, and intervention techniques to break the cycle of violence with families where the teen is the perpetrator of violence. This intensive program is designed to build safe and healthy family relationships; stopping generational domestic violence. Please contact our office for more information and download the program brochure.