About FSA

Family Service Association has been in the forefront of designing programs and delivering services that meet the needs of individuals, families and communities since 1896.
Though much has changed since 1896, our commitment to providing efficient and effective services, delivered by professional staffs who respect the dignity and self-determination of every individual, has never changed.
As one of the oldest non-profit social service agencies, we are proud of the many social and human service organizations that evolved from our rich history; providing adoption services, emergency shelter, food and clothing banks, and employment. Family Services continues to build strong partnerships within the community to support health and wellness, and ensure access to services for our neighbors and friends.  
Organization History
Lewis Gunckel, First President, 1896-1903
During the winter of 1896, there were about 2,000 unemployed workers in the Dayton area. The task of meeting these families' needs became so overwhelming that on December 21st, a town meeting was held at the Grand Opera House to address this concern in the community.
That night, amid much enthusiasm, one organization was founded - the Associated Charities of Dayton - and charged with caring for the needs of individuals and families impacted by poverty, unemployment and other crisis within the community. This new organization continued as an essential service provider within the community, and is known today as Family Service Association (DBA: Family Services).

The "'Council of Fifteen" was the first governing body or board of trustees for the new agency.  It was comprised of local philanthropists - men and women, dedicated to eliminating poverty, unemployment and the suffering of children and families in Dayton and the surrounding communities.  Associated Charities was charged with providing goods and services at no cost to these individuals and families. The Council determined that funds to operate the organization would come from the public through donations and gifts, or through the sale of 'memberships.'

Although the first efforts of what is now Family Services were to provide food, shelter, and clothing, the original constitution clearly identified the responsibility of the agency to help people help themselves, a philosophy that continues to guide the development and delivery of services to this day.   
As we celebrate 120 years of strengthening individuals, families and communities, we
recognize the millions of people with whom we have been associated since 1896, including: founders; board members; volunteers; staff; contract professionals; community service organizations; government officials; community leaders; and funders, donors and supporters from the private and public sector. Most of all, we honor the families who come to us when they are most vulnerable and recognize their courage and caring for one another in times of crisis, chaos and change.

Partnerships and Accreditation
Family Service Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
We receive operating funds from a variety of government, local,
corporate and private sources.
We are accredited by the Council on Accreditation and
certified by the Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services. 
We are members of the National Alliance for Strong Families and Communities,
and the Ohio Community Centers for the Deaf.    
Family Service Association is a United Way Partner Agency, and a
Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity.