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Introducing an Exciting Opportunity To Improve 
Basic Communication Skills Essential to Serving the 
Deaf Community?

937-222-9481 OR EMAIL US AT:

There is a fee for this service. 

These services are provided in response to ongoing Advocacy efforts to increase awareness
 of the unique needs and valuable contributions of deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind persons in the business, educational, medical and general communities.

WOMANLINE Becomes a Program

of Family Services

Effective December 1, 2016, Womanline became a program of Family Services

and relocated to 2211 Arbor Boulevard, DaytonWhile protecting their excellent reputation, the Womanline brand, and specialized programs, the two

organizations  set an example of compatible missions joining together to better serve those in need. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact: 

Family Services at 937-222-9481 or call Womanline at 937-223-3446. 

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Family Services 
Presents  the Vision 21 Mobile App for Ohio
Crime Victims!
        On June 1, 2016, Family Services officially launched the mobile App for crime victims created in collaboration with the University of Dayton Research Institute.  The App was funded by a grant from the Office of Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Program, US Department of Justice*. 
        The App is called AVIATOR - A Victim Information App To Ohio Resources,
and it is now available free of charge from both the Apple and Android App Stores.
Direct links to the App stores are included here:   Apple  and  Android  
        A website has also been created to connect with victim resources anywhere internet services are available.  Visit the website at:  www.aviatorapp.com

AVIATOR AppThe App includes resources for victims of 
all types of crime for every county in Ohio.  It is not only helpful for crime victims, but is also a wonderful tool for those who serve crime victims, including law enforcement, court officials, first responders, medical personnel, victim advocates, counselors and many others.

AVIATOR App Introduction

The App is continuously being updated, and we encourage your
comments and suggestions at information@fsadayton.org

Partners in Strengthening

  Families and Communities

    Family Services has been in the forefront of designing programs that meet the needs of individuals, families and communities since 1896.  Here at Family Services, we believe in providing professional, compassionate services that recognize and respect the dignity and right of every person we serve to self-determination.  

    We are also committed to ensuring our confidential services are delivered in a supportive and efficient manner; exceeding the expectations of our clients, donors, funders and community. Family Services' history of partnerships and cooperative relationships with virtually every other human service organization in the area adds value to all of the programs and services we provide. 


    As a non-profit agency, we welcome donations of money, in-kind services and other materials. These life-giving commodities make the difference in how we provide services throughout the Miami Valley. 

    To learn more about the creation and rich history of Family Services, please follow the link at left "About Family Services".

Family Services complies with all State and Federal Civil Rights Laws

and non-discrimination obligations.

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